Arundel Community Strings

We are a Beginner Strings Orchestra in northern Anne Arundel County

Our primary focus is to provide ensemble playing experience for Adult Players, but we happily accept committed students entering grade 6 or higher. We also welcome more advanced players to join us as mentors.

If you play violin, viola, cello, or bass please consider joining us!

Jennifer Danko - Founder

Jennifer Danko, a resident of Glen Burnie and local preschool teacher, has played violin throughout her school career. Once she graduated college, she slid her violin under her bed, only to pull it back out almost 20 years later when her youngest child began to play violin. She greatly missed the energy of playing with a group and when she looked for an orchestra to join, she discovered that there were plenty of professional and semi-professional groups, but she found herself intimidated by the thought of an audition.

What she did find in her search were plenty of community bands that did not require an audition. Why not create a community string orchestra instead? Her search for a director led her to Chris Gosper, a local Director and Musician and things blossomed from there. The two brainstormed and agreed to create Arundel Community Strings, an orchestra that did not require an audition and gave adults (who read music well) an outlet to play music together for the joy of it! She hopes to see the group grow and gain popularity with all budding musicians as well as experienced musicians who want to mentor lesser experienced string players in the great Spirit of Community!

Chris Gosper - Music Director

In September of 2017, Jennifer Danko asked Chris if she would be interested in conducting a string orchestra for adults and students who were beginning to take private lessons but never had the opportunity to play in an orchestra or with others, Chris was delighted. It had been a dream of hers for years. Playing alone in your practice room is rewarding, but playing with others is fun and fellowship. Jennifer organized Arundel Community Strings and that dream has come true.

Chris is the founder and Music Director of the Summer String Orchestra. She is by nature a violist. She began playing viola in the fifth grade and fell in love with it. From fall to spring she plays with the Columbia Orchestra, Londontowne Symphony, is a substitute for Anne Arundel Community College Orchestra and has played for Mid-Atlantic Symphony. Chris is a private viola and violin instructor. She has been guest conductor for the Allegany County All-County Orchestra Festival, is an adjudicator for Howard County Solo and Ensembles, and has coached the Chesapeake Youth Orchestra String Quartet. Chris is the past Music Director for Chamber Orchestra of Southern Maryland (COSMIC) and Southern Maryland Sinfonia, Beginning Strings, Intermediate Orchestra, and Mentoring Orchestra. In her spare time she paints Adirondack chairs and Baltimore style window screens or anything that doesn't move out of her way fast enough. Her newest media is painting ceramic tiles with alcohol ink.